Fine Art

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Fine Art

I enjoy making calligraphic art pieces using inspiring words or texts given to me by clients. The challenge is to find a script that reflects the feeling of the words, and include colors and materials to support that feeling. There are endless possibilities for layout, an entire spectrum of color and dozens of letterforms waiting to be chosen for any given piece. I hope you’ll enjoy the sampling of my art pieces here.


The flowers of tomorrow, 11″ circle, white gouache, the center seed image is a an eraser stamp that I carved.


YOU, 12″x20″, metal pens, watercolor, hand-embossed on watercolor paper.


Blessings – 9″x21″ Sumi ink, gold leaf on Fabriano Roma paper.

Harmlessly Deviant, 12″x18″, metal pens, watercolor and hand-embossing on watercolor paper.


In the Spring, 18″x24″, metal pens, gouache, sumi ink, on Roma paper.


Dancing Star – 4″x7″, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, walnut ink.